KIF Italy promotes an innovative enjoyment of the cultural offer.

Culture and major events in a completely original way. KIF Italia – La Quarta Dimensione produces technologically advanced goods and services for culture. The project was founded by Idea Faktory srl and Cantiere Idea srl: the former founded in 2017 and based in Naples, the second one born in 2016 and based in Rome.


Great digital events, three-dimensional shows, video installations aimed at enhancing the archaeological and artistic heritage, interactive communication tools and multi-sensory gastronomic experiences: KIF is all this and much more.


Finding a key to give a new value to the cultural life of our country: with this aim we have created a network of companies and associations united by a common sensibility. using the most advanced technologies, we promote completely innovative experiential paths, the ‘fourth dimension’. We want users to experience events and shows in a totally immersive way, using all the senses.

Vision & concept

KIF Italia is a spark born from the intersection of different skills, ideas and cultures. The continuous innovation of contemporaneity is born – we are convinced of this – from the connection between art, technology, nature, science, design, play, emotion.

The company vision follows this goal. On the other hand, the choice of the angular letter K replacing the C is a reminder of the ancient meaning, a symbol of willpower, building the future and light at the end of the tunnel. The company concept is constantly projected towards new challenges, new goals, the practice of creating change: with one foot, or rather one and a half feet, in the future.


The KIF project never stops. In the new headquarters in Rome, will be concentrated design and development services and training and production activities for new technologies applied to filmmaking will be strengthened. And again, a new academy for the visual arts, the launch of an innovative web radio and a digital magazine that will be called K, the look of culture on the world.


Where does the term KIF come from? From South Africa: local young people use this word to mean ‘excellent‘, ‘cool‘. A suggestion that fascinated us and thanks to which we conceived KIF as an acronym with multiple meanings. For us, KIF is – also – (K)ultural Idea Factory or Kitchen Idea Factory, because in our vision, food and wine is a fundamental hallmark of a country’s culture.


Or, again, Kids Idea Factory, reflecting the attention paid to the little ones: this is the ‘rib’ of our company delegated to the realisation of installations for children and young people, such as interactive games on curved screens, virtual reality trips and various attractions of educational value.


Correct, comprehensive and, if possible, unbiased information is the key to interpreting contemporary reality at its best: with this objective in mind, Key’s Information Factory was created. The cosmopolitan nature of our project: KIF is structured as an international brand, aimed at creating a network of subjects and places that symbolise creativity in the world. We realise installations and creations based on the study and thorough knowledge of the identity of each city or territory in which we operate. For global, borderless creativity.

Idea Faktory

The company, founder of the KIF Italia project together with Cantiere Idea, was created in 2017 and is based in Naples. Administered by Giuliano Gasparotti, it obtained recognition as an innovative cultural enterprise thanks to Cultura Crea – a programme of MiBACT (Ministry of Heritage, Cultural Activities and Tourism) – and Invitalia. It operates in the field of public relations and communication, developing territorial marketing tools and promoting interactive systems; it produces cultural goods and services of high technological value; and organises major public and private events.



The entrepreneurial project IDEA FAKTORY – IC20000351 received decisive support from the CULTURE CREA programme (PRIORITY AXIS II – ACTIVATION OF TERRITORIAL POTENTIAL DEVELOPMENT RELATED TO CULTURE – ACTION 3A1A INTERVENTIONS SUPPORTING THE BIRTH OF NEW ENTERPRISES). The objective of setting up an innovative company that would implement digital technologies aimed at enhancing the cultural heritage and organising major events was also realised thanks to the decisive support of the CULTURE CREA programme managed by INVITALIA. As of 28 February 2018, the innovativeness of the proposed project was formally admitted, which has as its expected results: in terms of eligible expenditure – both equipment and facilities and management – a maximum total value of € 301,200.00, with a European Union financial contribution of € 271,080.00, of which € 135,540.00 is non-repayable and € 135,540.00 is subsidised financing. On 28 August 2019, the planned investment plan was duly completed.


Started in 2016, promoter of KIF Italia, it is based in Rome and managed by Francesco Mazzei. Like Idea Faktory, it deals with the design of innovative cultural goods and services, the development of advanced technologies applied to audiovisual and film production, dedicated training and the building of new professional skills, and the organisation of major events.



Entrepreneur and manager, he coordinates KIF Italia, is founder and administrator of Idea Faktory srl, creator of the entrepreneurial project Cantiere Idea srl and is currently President of the cultural association Cantiere Idea. Both companies were recognised as innovative enterprises by Invitalia, winning – in the case of Idea Faktory – the Cultura Crea call. From 2016 to the present day, he has managed the companies of the KIF group and signed the artistic direction of all the productions realised with Francesco Mazzei. A jurist, he graduated with honours from the University of Florence with a thesis on the organisation of regional offices since the foundation of the Italian Regions. Until 2018, he worked in the State-Regions Conference on financial affairs and on health and social policies; he has long studied in depth, on behalf of the Region of Tuscany, the themes of personal data protection and the privacy and civil rights management system, digital administration, the information society, the legal aspects of electronic documents and the organisation of public work. he is a trainer in the subjects of his competence. He has extensive experience in organising major cultural, institutional and digital technology-centred events for the enhancement of cultural heritage and activities.

Entrepreneur and actor, he is art director of all KIF Italia productions, founder and administrator of Cantiere Idea srl and co-director of the entire entrepreneurial project behind KIF. With a double degree in Law from the Pontifical Lateran University and the University of Molise, after a master’s degree in Marketing and Communication at Ateneo Impresa, he was a consultant for the advertising agency Art Attack in Rome and responsible for external relations and event organisation for the Guastalla Contemporary Art Foundation and Cosmec srl.

He holds professional training courses on the topics of public speaking, stress management and time management. He is art director of all KIF productions together with Giuliano Gasparotti. At the same time, he has pursued an artistic career as an actor, mainly for the theatre (“The Count of Montecristo – The Musical”, “5 Pills and a Coffin”) but also for the cinema (“The Secret of Joy”, “The Borgias”).

Roman by birth, with Friulian and Umbrian origins, he has had a varied training that, starting with academic studies in the Faculty of Architecture of the Sapienza University first and then Roma Tre, continued with practical application in the Viareggio Carnival. For over twenty years, he has collaborated in the production of shows and audiovisual works in Italy, France and China, as art director and scenographer, designing and setting up real and virtual sets, also in post-production. After twenty years of teaching and collaborations in television (Ballarò, Voyager, Dimartedì) and several short films and award-winning series (Firpo by Giorgio Clementelli, Under by Ivan Silvestrini, Una grande famiglia, Io tra vent’anni), in 2015 he also began a career in film as a set designer: 2night by Ivan Silvestrini, prod. Controra; La leggenda di Bob Wind, by Dario Migianu Baldi, prod Guasco; Edhel, by Marco Renda, prod Vinians; Lucania, by Gigi Roccati, prod Fabrique Ent.; La Natura degli angeli, prod Veritatis Splendor. The experience accumulated in the continuous research of materials and technical solutions, also matured in the training work with students and teaching colleagues in private and public structures (Musei Vaticani, La Sapienza, Quasar, Officina B5, Accademia09, Scuola Romana di Fotografia e Cinema), has led him to have a practical and resolute approach to the production problems of installations, always maintaining constant attention and respect for the sense of narration.

Composer and sound designer, he completed his studies in guitar and composition at the Conservatories of San Pietro a Majella in Naples and Santa Cecilia in Rome. He has composed the music for the Luna Farm amusement park at F.I.C.O. Eataly World and for several videomapping installations, including Words and Tempus Est Labor, on the occasion of the inaugural days of Parma 2020 – Italian Capital of Culture and Stars – Le stelle della memoria, performed in L’Aquila on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the earthquake, with the High Patronage of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of the Italian Republic. He did the sound design for the interactive installation Thalassa at Baia Castle and the MANN museum in Naples. He has created the music for various RAI television shows, including Obiettivo Pianeta, Inside the World, Divieto di Sosta and Nel Segno del Giallo, and produced several CDs for Rai Trade editions. He has published two CDs of original compositions for Kronos Records. He is the composer of music for theatre productions, including Vespucci. L’impresa italiana nel Nuovo Mondo, with Alessio Boni, performed at the Piccolo Teatro del Maggio Fiorentino; Cinemalibro, performed at the Villa Torlonia Theatre in Rome; Musica per film e musica nel film, performed at the Palladium Theatre in Rome, for which he also wrote the lyrics. He has composed the music for numerous short films, for which he won awards such as the French newspaper Libération’s ‘Best Score’ for the web series Firpo. He is a sound design lecturer and coordinator at the Quasar Institute for Advanced Design in Rome.

Mezzo-soprano, she was born in Seoul, South Korea. She studied opera and graduated from Sungshin Woman’s University. She continued her studies in Italy, graduating from the Santa Cecilia and Licinio Refice Conservatories under the guidance of Maestros including Barbara Lazotti, Francesca Vicari, Sara Mingardo and Alda Caiello. She also graduated in Flauto Traversiere with Maestro Enrico Casularo at the Conservatorio Santa Cecilia. He has sung in numerous operas of the sacred repertory, including Bononcini’s Stabat Mater, Vivaldi’s Magnificat and Gloria, Mozart’s Requiem in settings such as the Teatro Olimpico, among others. He sang in Italian repertoire operas such as Rigoletto, Trovatore, Madama Butterfly. He also gave a solo recital at the Campidoglio. In Portugal, he took part in the recordings for the first ever recording of de Almeida’s Te Deum, with João Janeiro. In Rome and Switzerland, he performed pieces by Filippo Ruge with Andrea Damiani and Enrico Casularo. She was the first performer of film music by Frank Ilfman, Nic Raine, Christoph Zirngibl, Furio Valitutti, Francesco de Masi arranged in concert form, and released a CD published by Kronos Records. In Florence, he performed Alessandro Solbiati’s To Whom with the Gamo Ensemble. During the Settimana della Musica Contemporanea in Novara, the Imola Summer Festival and the Rondò festival in Milan, he performed Sea’s Widows by Marco Di Bari with pianists Monica Lonero and André Gallo and the Divertimento Ensemble.

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