As part of the Restart Italia project, aimed at returning to normality after the most acute phase of the Covid19 pandemic (founded by KIF, Idea Faktory and Cantiere Idea ), we created an artificial intelligence software, called ACRON (Automatic Crowd Recogniser and Objects Notifier), able to analyse images from a video surveillance system in real time in to monitor compliance with rules such as the prohibition of gathering, respect for safety distances and the wearing of personal protective equipment.

It is also possible to capture instantaneous measurements of body temperature through special thermographic cameras: an ideal tool for filtering entrances to public places. The system tracks the images received through video surveillance and sends out notifications in case of violations of legal obligations. The violations will then be flagged up to the security staff by means of special notifications.

There are two types of solutions:

  • Fixed simultaneous detection systems (up to 30 persons), ideal for places with free entry and large traffic, such as shopping centres, railway stations, airports and hospitals
  • Mobile individual detection systems, designed for access to places already equipped with filters (ticket offices, turnstiles) such as museums, cinemas, theatres, restaurants, offices, schools, gyms and tourist facilities. This option can also be used for places with free entry but with a limited traffic.
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