Labyrinths: Myth, Symbol, Game

Labirinti: mito, simbolo, gioco

An installation realised during the celebrations for the 950th (plus one) anniversary of the consecration of the Cathedral of San Martino in Lucca. The event, held in the Tuscan city from 26 August to 10 October 2021, hosted three of our works: “Daedalus – The Challenge of the Labyrinth”; “Daedalus – Metal Curves” and “Daedalus – The Story of the Labyrinth”.

“Daedalus – The Labyrinth Challenge” consisted of five video-projected labyrinths on the square to further play and public participation by following “Ariadne’s thread” leading to the exit. The metal labyrinth at the base of the work

‘Daedalus – Metal Curves’ was created by machining 350 linear metres of perforated metal sheets. Finally, in ‘Daedalus – The History of the Labyrinth’, we animated 55 works and 5 hologrammed works, one for each historical reference period (Greco-Roman Antiquity, Middle Ages, Renaissance, 18th century, Modern-Contemporary). For more details


Cure her: Anna Maria Giusti

Scientific secretariat: Francesco Niccoli

Coordination: don Mauro Lucchesi

General direction: Giuliano Gasparotti

Artistic direction: Francesco Mazzei

Holographic video design and production: Federico Baciocchi e Sergio Sulbizi

Music: Furio Valitutti

Voice: Jeehee Han

Buildings: Stefano Russo

Executive production and supervision: Pasquale Pio De Simone

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