Life! The miracle of birth


We realised the Life video projection, during Capodarte, organised by the Municipality of Rome! The miracle of birth, with a videomapping on the basilica of Saints Peter and Paul in the Municipality IX of Roma Eur. The work is inspired by the most famous nativities in the history of art: Jean Fouquet’s Madonna (1450), Sandro Botticelli’s Mystical Nativity (1501), Michelangelo’s Tondo Pitti (1504), Caravaggio’s Nativity with Saints Lawrence and Francis (1600), Gustav Klimt’s Cradle (1918) and Keith Haring’s Nativity (1982). The video projection was realised with the contribution of Eur Spa. More information on the Capodarte website.


Artisti direction: Giuliano Gasparotti e Francesco Mazzei

Production: Federico Baciocchi

Sound design: Furio Valitutti

Assistence: Pasquale Pio De Simone

Video Production: Marco Cenciarelli

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