Lumina – Roma EUR

Lumina – Roma Eur

An installation made up of different artistic installations, which we created for Christmas 2021 commissioned by the Municipality IX of Roma Capitale and in collaboration with Eur S.p.A.. The first installation, ‘Flowers’, consisted of over a thousand luminous flowers in fibre optics, in the flowerbeds on either side of the steps leading to the Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, in the heart of Eur. In the centre, the Christmas tree set up thanks to Eur S.p.A.. Along Viale Europa we created the ‘Colors’ installation, a series of coloured lights along the rows of trees leading to the steps of the Basilica. The other installations were placed in Viale degli Astri, Viale Ignazio Silone, Largo Benenson, and in Piazza dei Caduti Giuliani e Dalmati.


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