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Michelangelo, The Gift Of Creation - Kif Italia

Michelangelo, The Gift Of Creation

Michelangelo, The Gift Of Creations

An artistic video installation of great immersive effect, produced by us and set up at the MuSA (virtual museum of sculpture and architecture) exhibition space in Pietrasanta from 31 July to 30 August 2020. Designed to reveal a never-before-seen Michelangelo and narrate the path of the liberation of Beauty from the raw material of marble, the work availed itself of the precious contribution of Sergio Garbari (former official photographer of the Gabinetto degli Uffizi in Florence) for the photographs, Furio Valitutti for the music and mezzo-soprano Jeehee Han for the voice.

Coordination of the initiative was entrusted to Giuliano Gasparotti, with artistic direction by Francesco Mazzei and production by Maicol Borghetti’s studio B19. Set design by Federico Baciocchi and Stefano Russo. For more details www.musapietrasanta.it.

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