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Parma 2020 - Italian Capital Of Culture - Kif Italia

Parma 2020 – Italian Capital Of Culture

Parma 2020 – Italian Capital Of Culture

For the inaugural days of Parma 2020 – Italian Capital of Culture, we produced two video projections: “The Words of Culture”, in Piazza Garibaldi, on the façade of the Palazzo Comunale, with coordination by Giuliano Gasparotti, artistic direction by Francesco Mazzei, production by Joseph Lefevre, music by Furio Valitutti and the voice of Jeehee Han; “Tempus – Il Tempo del Lavoro”, in Piazza del Duomo, on the façade of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, with coordination by Giuliano Gasparotti, artistic direction by Francesco Mazzei, production by Joseph Lefevre and Alessandro Antonelli, music by Furio Valitutti and the voice of Jeehee Han. The events were on 11, 12 and 13 January 2020.

The work ‘The Words of Culture’ collects a series of famous phrases for 14 keywords summarising the cultural trajectories followed throughout 2020 (and 2021) by the Italian capital of culture. A double tribute to the importance of words in contemporary culture and to the master Bernardo Bertolucci, thanks to two original audios taken from his film ‘The Last Emperor’ (‘It’s just a matter of words, but we all know that words are important. Why are words important? If you can’t say what you think, Your Majesty, you will never know what you say’) and ‘Tea in the Desert’ (‘One is led to believe that Life is an inexhaustible well, but everything only happens a certain number of times, a minimum number of times. How many times will you remember a certain afternoon from your childhood, an afternoon that is so deeply a part of you that you could not even conceive of your life without it. Maybe four or five more times, maybe not even. How many more times will you watch the moon rise, perhaps twenty. Yet everything seems limitless’).

The sentences in question are of:

Albert Einstein (“Everything is energy and that is all there is. Tune into the frequency of reality you desire”);

Harry Ford (“Enthusiasm is the basis of all progress”);

Aristotele (“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”);

Progetto Welcome (“Don’t ask me where I’m from. Now I’m here”);

William Shakespeare (“We are made of the same substance as dreams and our short life is collected in the space and time of a dream”);

Giorgio Gaber (“Freedom isn’t staying on a tree, it’s not even having an opinion. Freedom is not a free space, Freedom is participation”);

Bernardo Bertolucci in the movie “The Dreamers” (“Before you can change the world, you must realize that you, yourself, are part of the world. You can’t stay outside to look inside”);

Liliana Segre (“Cultivating memory is a precious vaccine against indifference and helps us, in a world so full of injustice and suffering, to remember that each of us has a conscience and can use it”);

Attilio Bertolucci (“Memory is a road that gets lost and is found again after a short, quiet anxiety”);

Sant’Agostino (“These are bad times, say the Men. We live well and times will be good. We are the times”);

Sergio Mattarella (“The culture of responsibility constitutes the strongest safeguard of Freedom and defense of the principles on which the Republic is founded”);

Eraclito (“Invisible Harmony is a perfect and pristine sphere. The visible one, on the other hand, continuously deforms under the weight of reality”);

Gandhi (“A drop snatched from the ocean perishes in vain. If part of the ocean remains, it shares the glory of supporting a fleet of mighty ships”);

Papa Francesco (“We must be peace builders and our communities must be schools of respect and dialogue”);

Convenzione di Faro (“The conservation of cultural heritage and its sustainable use aim at human development and quality of life”);

Anne Eleanor Roosevelt (“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”);

Adriano Olivetti (“There is only Future in me”):

Among the images, the following references taken from current events: the protest demonstration against the terrorist attack to Charlie Hebdo that took place in Paris on 11 January 2015; the drama of migrants and landings; the attacks in the Middle East by drone; the 2019 demonstrations in Hong Kong.

“Tempus – The Time of Work” is a work inspired by the sculptural complex “The Cycle of Months” preserved in the Baptistery of Parma, which compares the idea of work in the succession of historical epochs, from the Middle Ages to the Industrial Revolution up to the future. For more details www.parma2020.it.

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