Sculptures In The Wind 1.78 – Janet Echelman

Sculptures In The Wind 1.78 – Janet Echelman

We were curated for the exhibition of the American artist and sculptor, organised on the initiative of the US UP agency and held in Milan (specifically, in Piazza Gae Aulenti and at BAM, Biblioteca degli Alberi). To celebrate the launch of Sky Glass, Sky’s new TV, were installed two floating sculptures of over 30 metres each, made of recyclable nylon and polyethylene fibres. To maximise the immersive effect, we created special light and sound design. A prestigious initiative designed to enhance Echelman’s work and her Earthtime series, designed to explore ‘the interconnectedness of humanity and the physical systems of our Earth’. “The connection between man and nature becomes art with Janet Echelman’s sculptures: so large, so strong, and yet so incredibly light and always changing. These works fit perfectly within the great process of urban transformation of an important area of Milan, being able to redefine spaces, offer meaning and build links with the territory in which they are inserted, in a symbiotic process between culture and the public. Echelman’s art is light, it is movement, it is energy. It is proof that culture is a fundamental driver for the economic development of territories,’ declared ‘our’ Giuliano Gasparotti and Francesco Mazzei, founders and curators of KIF Italia.


General direction: Giuliano Gasparotti

Artistic direction: Francesco Mazzei

Engineering direction: Renzo Maria Guidi

Organizational management and production: Pasquale Pio De Simone

Executive direction: Marco Nepitelli

Lighting direction: Daniele Davino

Light designer: Adriano Sansone, Ilaria Pizzochero

Sound designer: Furio Valitutti

Mezzo soprano: Jeehee Han

Special thanks to:

Antonio Martino Couture for the dress worn by Jeehee Han in the opening live performance

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